Karnox brand was born in 2010. It was jointly founded by Karnox company and top British luxury car engineers. The brand vision is to combine cutting edge automotive design with world-class manufacturing, to produce more professional electric racing chairs and office seats that improve the performance and quality of seats, and bring higher seat enjoyment for users. Karnox products deliver on style, comfort and build quality to enhance the sitting experience. The goal is to get you comfortable and keep you healthy while you do what you do.

Karnox provide a wide range of products that feature a wide range of adjustments. To get an idea of the best fit for you, check out our Sizing Table. Also, you can refer to the specification sheet for each chair for more detailed dimensions.

Yes, all models of Karnox gaming chair will include the pillow set.

Yes, we do offer any custom-made products. Please send email to care@peachboat.com.au for further enquire.

Assembling a chair is quick and easy and can be done in under 15 minutes. Please follow installation instruction in the box.

Our wheels are suitable for both soft and hard floors. They can be moved easily on both carpet and hard floors. However, the damage to hard floors is not primarily caused by the wheel themselves but dust grains adhere to the wheels changing the characteristics to a “grainy“ feeling. This causes the surface of the wheels to become rough and when rubbed against laminate, wood, or similar flooring can cause damage. To prevent damage to hard floors, we recommend a protective mat. Thanks to the roll characteristics of our wheels, a plastic or fabric option is viable to protect your floor.


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